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    2002 virage i back fires when tring to start

    Last season i had my ski out on the kake and it ran for 15 min. then quit running, i started it again it ran for a min. than quit again. i let sit that whole season then i took it in to a shop this season and they told me it needed a new fuel pump so i put one on and i also replaced the spark plugs i tried to start it and it tried to start but then it back fired bad i tried it again and it back fired again i have tried everything i know and i cannot figure it out. NEED HELP.

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    A back fire usually indicates a low battery, make sure you have at least 10.6 volts (measured at the battery) when cranking the engine.

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    Take your emm out and remove the cover on it .See if there is any corrosion or burnt areas under the cover .We will then go from there .These emms are dropping like flies at the moment .Are they at the end of their life when run in Salt water after 5/6 yrs? hmm


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    thanks i will look at this today, and i`ll report my findings

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