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    Hilicopter Footage Highlight-2008 Long Beach to Catalina Offshore Natl Champi

    Scroll down a little bit and you will see the video highlight - enjoy!

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    the guy that fell off at the end is he ok?? his legs looked kinda tired there

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    He is OK, or should I say "I" am OK! My knee jerked up a little bit ;-] but will heal. Thats racing! We are trying to get this footage all the way to DVD...

    Safety for 75 mph endos - do you wear one of these:
    I do, this video may reinforce wearing one............
    ================================================== =====================

    Can you see what happened in the endo and WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM THE VIDEO?: Look closely at the front of Mark's craft just before he does an endo. There is a good size Seaweed patch on his bow. Mark sees patch and quickly lets off the throttle to attempt to drift through the patch and avoid Seaweed ingestion. At that very high speed and in the chop the pump disengages, letting off the throotle even for that split second pusshed Mark's body weight forward, the bow sinks and digs, and without the pump engaged, the bow hunts to the right and hooks throwing Mark - all in a split second. See the seaweed flying at the back of the craft? "My mistake" says Mark, "I know better". Shawn Alladio of K38 Safety says: What's critical; is 1. Trim (boat/body), 2. Throttle/helm control (accelerating/decelerating changing phases), 3 Read Water/weather. Depending on type of intake screen, if one backs off the throttle at planing speed, you will probably have a higher incidence of debris entrance to water are better off to throttle over it. Even a slight hesitation off throttle loads the hull fast and suctions almost quicker into the water intake against the hull. Take the higher line on throttle over debris, do not BURP the throttle, keep it pegged. Same goes for going over sand bars, but it also has to have the other two, all 3 have to work in unison.
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