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Thread: 96 GSX Issues

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    96 GSX Issues

    So I had the rotary valve replaced and the timing verified, carbs rebuilt and the needle seats replaced. Here is my problem...the ski is loading up on fuel when you let it idle. Starts smoking and basically will not take off or exceed about 1800 rpms. If i turn the fuel off and hold the throttle wfo it will lean out and take off and run excellent untill you allow it to idle again. Also if you stop and take right back off it doesnt seem to have the low end power it should...HELP!!!Compression is good so it doesnt appear to be an internal problem. Today i put a brand new set of plugs in it and it took off pretty good the first time however it loaded up with fuel shortly there after in a no wake zone.

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    That happened with mine too but mine cleared out after a few seconds every time. What I came to find was that the needle valve lifter tabs were set too high. They're supposed to be flush with the internal body of the carb. Mine sat well above that. After re-adjusting, the loading up issues cleared out completely.

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    keep em coming

    I will check that...any other ideas????

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    Appears I have an exhaust leak. The raves were perfect, the needles were flush and I reset the rv to be sure the timing was right. So after much aggravation I went back to the lake this evening with no seat and voila...ran like a top. However I heard a noise I havent heard before. I have my oil pump blocked off however I still have oil in the tank to oil the rv shaft gear. Every once in a while today I could hear a slight squeel, so when I got home I fired it up right quick and no sound at idle but if you rev it up a few times you can hear it. Not real loud but definetley a noise it has never made...Any ideas???

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    Squeel is usually a dry jetpump or dry carbon seal.

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    sounds like its coming from the MAG side of the motor??? I will check the jet pump though. Please elaborate on the carbon seal??? I dont know a whole lot about skis yet but I am learning quickly with this doo

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    A slight squeal from around the mag side you say? Well another of my little spontaneous findings were my starter bolts backed out and the starter was just barely hanging there. It's possible yours did the same and with vibration, the starter bendix just might be rubbing here and there on the ring gear. Other than that, I can't really think of anything else to make such a sound near the mag. Or maybe there's a slightly loosened motor mount? I have heard the stock mounts on them sometimes let loose from the rubber portion. Keep us up to date on what you find and we'll do what we can for more suggestions

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