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    Oil on spark plugs

    I just took out my spark plugs and there is oil on all of them. I roll them around in my hand and can see the oil residue on my hands. I am having problems getting my rpms up and speed up so could this be something, I know it is not good.

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    Also now that I think about it I have had a little extra smoke out of my exhaust at times......
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    usually the oil is from the top of the plug not the combustion chamber oil leaks into the tube the plug sits in due to slight oil leaks at the rubber seal on the bottom of the tube or where it connects with the rocker cover.

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    So is this something to be concerned about?

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    not really unless you ned up with alot of oil in there but the seals are easy to replace if needed once the rocker cover is off you just wiggle and pull the tubes out and there is a rubber sleeve on the bottom to replace and the top seals are easy to do as well.
    Make sure you hav'nt over filled the oil level.

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