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    95 SPX...cutting out

    I have a 95 SPX 720

    While riding it it idles great and runs awesome out of the water.....Idles great and runs smooth in the water at low rpm.....When you give full throttle it will be fine for a minute than cut out...quickly comes back...then dies to a very low rpm, just above an idle speed.....any possibilites???

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    carb filters are dirty, bad accelerater pump diaphram, blocked fuel line, fuel selector switch blocked, pop off pressure, low and high speed screws off...these are a few of the of the possible problems.

    it sounds like the carb has gas in it but when you gun it it empties and doesn't recover
    I would bet the carbs need work.

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    Sounds like either it's starving for fuel or there is an exhaust leak and filling the engine compartment with exhaust emissions. I would check all the clamps on the exhaust system to make sure they're tight before going too crazy, plus it's very easy to do. Mine did this as well just recently and I came to find the clamp on the rubber hose leaving the muffler to the through hull exhaust port was just bouncing around on that tube. It was enough of a lack of air to shut the engine down after 2 minutes or so of riding. It would restart after sitting for a few seconds and go again but right back to square one after about a minute or two.
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    ahhh yes good point, I keep forgetting about the exhaust

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