And it wasn't THAT much of a P.I.T.A at all really. Did it all by myself in less than an hour. Honestly the most annoying part was the humidity, and having to wipe my forehead every 2 minutes.

Best part is that I'm tiny enough I can fit my whole body in the Engine Compartment, so I could stick my Head where I needed to to see, and could fit my arms where they needed to go to Wrench.

Mount was the same height as the Stock one, so I didn't need to add or remove any Shims (My Motor has 2 Shims from the Factory).

The "DIY Method" I used to support the Engine was 2 Bricks and 2 Wooden Shims (From a pack of Shims used for Door Frame Installs). There is a little Dimple on the side of the Header, so when I got the Front Mount totally loose, I stacked 1 Brick on it's side, then the other Brick totally flat on of it. That was dead even with the Dimple on the Header. Then the 2 Shims were just enough to give me the height to be able to slide the old Mount out and the new one in.

So now I'm ready for my SS Wear Ring and Prop.