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    94 Polaris SL750 upgrade parts

    Hey guys! I have a 94 Polaris SL750 and I want to do some upgrades. I know people have been telling me to do the intake and the prop. I am looking for something that will give me more speed but not affect the handling. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the Hulk PG.

    Performance impeller will be a good choice then.

    Performance reeds with spacers will work well.

    Performance Flame arrestors will add top end.

    How about a Wetwolf Adjust A Thrust?

    A pump wedge may affect handling, but's a cheap boost for more top speed.

    A ride plate is a must for better top speed and accel, but may affect handling.

    A long jet pump will add a couple MPH to top end, but will affect handling.

    A SS 6 vane stator will be a nice upgrade for more speed without affecting handling.

    Ported cylinders would be a real nice performance boost.

    44mm carbs would boost top end as well as fuel consumption.

    REMEMBER: with any engine mod you will need to check your piston wash for signs of running lean. If you are, carb jetting is required. And can be a PITA. That's why hull upgrades are recommended first. You get more performance with even having to touch the engine or carbs.

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