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    Just bought 1995 Yamaha Waveraider Deluxe. Pretty sure it is 700cc, has 96 hours and runs great.

    Anyone have any tips on riding this thing, how to be more stable at low speeds etc. I rode it this weekend, did well but seems kinda unbalanced when you are barely moving. Yes, I did dump it when making a left turn at a slow speed.

    Should I sell it and never be embarrased again?


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    i use to have a 97 raider, fun ski, spins like a top. but other then that there isnt much too it. im not sure as to what mods you can do to help but im sure things like sponsons ride plate and intake grate would help some. but all in all, its a raider, although fun its not a stable race bred machine. just give it a couple times and you will get the hang of it, i still tip my 04 1300 sometimes. just nature of the beast i suppose

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    Anyone know how stable these things are supposed to be? Seems like just barely moving it is unstable, and in slow turns.
    Maybe it is operator error?

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