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Thread: 1996 Sea Doo XP

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    1996 Sea Doo XP

    I require new guages for vts, info centre and speedo for the 96 XP. do guages from other models fit the 96 xp? are the scart plugs compatible?

    Does anyone sell new reconditioned guages as the new lines have been discontinued.

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    Best bet is Ebay. But for some reason it seems the VTS and Speedos always leak, so i just didn't bother with mine. And i only use the MFG anyways.

    You sure your Multi Function gauge is broke? Do any of the red lights light when you first put your key on??

    Word of advice. Untill you get new ones, unplug at least your VTS and Speedo. Mine are both broke, but still have power going to them. Untill this weekend when enough water finally got into the crack in my VTS gauge, and it started boiling in the gauge!!! Followed shortly by smoke, then a blown fuse in the middle of now where!! Had to get a tow back over a mile to change my fuse out!!

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