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    Small amount of gas in the hull.

    Hi all-- When I am done riding my 2000 XLL1200 I flush with the hose and then tip the ski trailer up to get any water out of the hull. I noticed a small bit of gas mixed with the water that came out. Are there any comming gas leak problems or is this normal?


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    Its def not normal...

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    Find the source!! quickly

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    Any suggestions on where to start looking? My guess is the would be a gas line. I really hope its not the carbs. It is just a very small bit, a little rainbow in the water.

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    I had this happened on my primer kit line.. where it connected to the primer plunger there was a cut in the tube that I found.

    What I would do is literally just reach your hand down, and start feeling all of the lines.. feel the lines of where the gas was found, and try to imagine how it got there, so if it's at the back of the ski, and you reach down and there isn't a small stream of gas coming from the front.. don't spend hours looking in the front (just use common sense trying to find it)

    then when you do find where it is at.. unscrew your gas cap.. Water Woody (kevin) told me this.. and I found it out the hard way.. I didn't hear him correctly the first time.. when you find it before you pull the line off unscrew the gas cap because it will release the pressure in the tank.. when the gas gets low it creates pressure to get the gas out... so when you unscrew the gas cap it will release the pressure, and when you take the line off that is leaking gas won't shoot everywhere..

    I took my line out and had literally a 1ft stream shooting straight into the air that I thought would stop.. 15 seconds and nothing I put my finger over it, called Kevin where he told me again to unscrew the cap.. did and it stopped..

    so basically my guess at least is that there is a leak in a hose, and the pressure from the gas tank is bleeding the gas out of the leaks.. getting into your hole.

    If you feel EVERY gas line 100% and there is no gas that you can feel on any of the lines itself.. (usually gas will slowly run down the line and then drip..) then check the connections to make sure that there isn't like 1 line that is just BARELY connected, where you just have to sort of wiggle it back onto place and zip tie it..

    hope this helps out..

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