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    Need opinions on price and possible issues with a used 05 GTX non SC...

    I was looking at an GTI initially, then decided to go with a beefier machine.

    I then looked at RXTs and GTXs. The issues with the RXT superchargers worried me, especially buying used so I am looking at a 2005 GTX N.A. without a supercharger.

    There is no extended warranty!

    There are 40 hours on the ski, the maintanence has been done by a mechanic, but not a specialized sea-doo mechanic at a dealership, therefore there are no actual records of any service but he says he had the 10 hour and a couple oil changes. The mechanic that has serviced the particular craft I am looking at was the guys RV mechanic and is a race car driver (according to the seller).

    He contends he bought it for his grandkids but they prefer to just hang out in the boat, so he is selling.

    The guy is asking $7,000 with a white Zieman trailer w/box, stored in garage, no cover, he says the ski is in showroom condition.

    I offered the guy $5800, he declined and said he would take $6500...

    NADA claims a ski at average retail with trailer should be $7500...

    Since I am new to the pwc scene (this summer) and not all that mechanical, can you give me some advice on whether or not this is a good deal and I should get on it right away or if the price is too high?

    Also what issues might the 2005 GTX NAs have?

    Aside from checking the prop, oil, hull, and engine compartment is there anything else to check?

    What RPMs should I see on a test ride, or if it starts it is okay?

    Is a test drive necessary with a NA ski?

    Are NA skis easier to maintain than SCd skis?

    I really need info on issues, appropriate price, and what to inspect in dealing with non-supercharger.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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    You should see 7300-7600 rpms. BTW, if the engine ingested water, you will not know until the engine fails. I was looking at a ski on another board and talked to the seller. It wasn't until I saw his post on this board about ingesting water. That's when I decided against the ski... Ron

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