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    12F intake grate

    I stupidly lent out my ski and saw the knucklehead run the ski up on the beach. The ski runs fine however the intake grate under the ski is broken form the rocks. I ordered a new one from Kawasaki today. Would anyone know how hard it is to change. Just wondering if this is something I can do myself or if it is something best left to the mechanic.

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    To remove the intake grate, ya have to take the ride plate off... and to do that you have to take the reverse bucket off first... and to do that you have to take the retractable boarding step off first. Pain In The Ass to be sure, but so easy, a monkey could do it.

    Remove in this order:

    Boarding Step.
    Reverse Bucket.
    Ride Plate.
    Intake Grate.

    No way around having to take all that stuff off

    Good Luck!

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    you don't need to remove the reverse bucket or the step ladder. Just remove the screws on the bottom, ride plate first and then the intake grate. It's very easy

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    Thanks for the help guys.
    It was a breeze to get the bolts out but................still couldn't get the grate out. The grate had so much corrosion(and it's a 2006 with 25 hours), i had to grind it out. 2 of the fins came right out with the frame but one fin was a horror. Anyway, I'm up and running. Thanks for the replies!
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