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    Corrosion on FXSHO engine parts!!!!!!!!

    I have used my new FX SHO Cruiser twice, once (4 hrs) in the Gulf of Mexico (salt water) & once (2 hrs) up the Caloosahatchee river (brackish water). The ski is nearly 2 months old. I took off the engine cover on Sunday to fit the Riva air intake kit & exhaust to be stunned to see the amount of corrosion eating into almost every aluminum manifold & plated surface. Ive owned Yamaha's now for over 15 years and never have I seen the amount of corrosion even on a 100 hour machine (my last two FXHO 160,s were like new in the engine bay when I traded them in.)
    I have now doused the complete engine bay in Marine corrosion inhibitor but I do not think this bodes well for the future & I will be taking up my situation with Yamaha over this.
    Has anyone else had such an experience with their new SHO,s (you really cannot see the extent of the damage till you take off the cover)

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    holly shit, im speechless

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    dammnnn make sure when you go out for salt water rides and the ski gets jumped or submerged in some way alwayz use fluid film after to spray over the engine or WD-40 just make sure not to get any on the hoses.

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    wow i havent had that problem, did you get alot of water in the engine compartment or something, or that salt water over there is extra salty.

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    Ouch, sorry for the situation that you are in.

    Did you rinse your previous ski's after each use? and now the SHO?

    How do you only have 6 hrs on a 7 to 8 week old, new SHO?

    Good Luck with your repairs. I have read good things about some spray,....303 maybe.

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    Rinse the engine compartment with a mist of fresh water and then WD40 is the cure for salt after each ride. Never let it sit too long before you clean it.
    you might be too late to correct the little corosion but you can stop it from going any farther.
    In reality, you should have sprayed it down with the WD40 before you took it out for the first time in the ocean.
    Trust Me,I know, I live on an Island. care is essential.
    This is some pics of my 2001 GPR before I sold it in Dec. 2007
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    That is a well looked after ski. Just to confirm every time you used the ski you just flushed and cleaned with water then sprayed the motor with WD-40 as your basic cleaning process. How through with the WD-40 were you? a light spray or heavy?

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    How long did you let the ski sit before you took off the seat covers after having in salt water. The worse thing you can do is not take the covers off, because corrosion like dark moist places. Question for those who might know. Is there anything on our skis that you cant spray down. I use t-9 and have sprayed it down once already, but I am going to spray it down again because I am headed for the keys for 12 days. Tom

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    Just like DP said, Make sure you hit it with the mist of fresh water and then apply WD-40. I do the exact same thing!

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