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Thread: rxt problems

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    rxt problems

    I ran up on shallow spot at the lake and got got a small rock stuck in the jet pump. I was able to get it out but the ski revs very high before it starts moving. I could onl see a small nick on the impeller. any ideas on what could be wrong?

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    It sounds like your wear ring got trashed..
    You will need to pull the pump to really get
    a good look at it.

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    yea. hes right. your wear ring is shot, and/or your impeller is trashed as well cause it has to spin much faster now to get the machine moving.

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    Yeah, replace the wear ring, and maybe even the prop.

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    Yep sounds like wear ring got shredded.
    Any vibration or shaking? If it's vibrating, you could have something else still stuck in there. Get under it and shine a flashlight in the grate, sometimes a tiny piece of debris or wood chip can get stuck in there and the ski will just vibrate and go really slow.

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    Wlecome to the Forum !

    You can do a core exchange on the prop through Impros or SBT. A new wear ring isnt a big deal they are about $50.

    You can use some basic tools to pull the pump as noted here.

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    thanks for the info

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    welcome to the forum

    can you post any pics of prop. It may be ok just need some repair.
    Although if you have stock ski it is reson to get a better prop and begin some moding. letter breathe.
    good luck.

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