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    Question 1999 X45 - engine grenaded - needs pulled - how?

    Hey Guys......Just found this site and it looks like you guys sure know your stuff! Hopefully you can help me out.......

    Over the years I have somehow become the mechanic for all my buddy's broken toys. And my newest project just showed up today. It's a 1999 X45 Polaris with a grenaded motor. I pulled the top off the rear cylinder and found what was left of the piston which consisted of 2 big lumps of melted aluminum and half a piece of connectiong rod!'s toast and my buddy is just gonna buy a reman long block and he wants me to install it for him.
    My dilemma is that the engine looks like somebidy stuffed 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound bag! I never worked on one of these pwc's before...only snowmobiles ...and they are real easy to acces the engines on.
    So can somebody throw me some special tips or send me a link on what to look out for to remove this wasted tripple cylinder boat anchor form the boat?
    Any and all $.02 is appreciated......

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    Here is a link to the factory manual. Be sure to send Beerdart a thank you since he is the one who put it together.

    Don't worry once you get the hoses and exhaust off, it will look less complex. Just follow the manual and you will be fine.

    Good Luck


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