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    97 GP1200 with Eletrical issues...Help

    While riding my 1200 on the lake Sunday it kept cutting off at random times. Couple time the engine died and a couple times the whole thing went dead. At the end of the day 10mi from dock, it died and wouldnt restart. I had to enter the security code to get it going on shore. The Battery was at 12.7 Volts so it was charged and I cant seem to find a loose connection. HAs anyone else heard of this happening. Is it something inherent in the 97 model?
    Appreciate any help

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    I had this anomaly on 1 of mine and it is the same setup as yours basically! it would up being water intrusion on the connectors under the frond hood , basically it's all the connectors coming into and out of the gauge/ cdi , so I sealed the connectors and my problem was solved

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    I had a stator coil go bad and act up similar. sometimes would work other times not, then just completely died.

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    make sure you check the ground strap on the engine side. Its kind of hard to reach but this works loose all the time. Follow the ground from the battery and follow it to where it bolts to the engine, just insuring that its not loose.

    Also have seen fuses that will partly blow but the metal inside makes intermediate contact, so check those.

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