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    PWCOFFSHORE ranks the Kawi 250X #1 for offshore use

    Congrats!!!! Here's a snapshot from the buyers guide:

    #1: Kawasaki ULTRA 250X (Price: 11,700)

    • Speed: 3
    • Stability in the ocean: 5
    • Hull for speed in the rough: 5
    • Reliability in the ocean: 4
    • Opportunities to upgrade w/aftermarket: 2
    • Agility: 3
    • Quickness out of the hole: 4
    • Riding comfort / Ergonomics: 5
    • Fuel consumption and range: 1 (but, keep in mind you have 250 hp!)
    250X: Highlights and other observations: Supercharged, Intercooler 1500 cc, 250 horsepower, 4-cylinder, 4 stroke, three seater. Possibly the best hull ever produced for offshore use. Large, heavy craft lends to stability and comfort. Top speed on stock craft is approximately 64.5 to 66 mph. Great hookup in the rough. Very heavy consumption of fuel, very large fuel tank. Suggest you purchase the R&D Fuel Pickup Valve if you purchast this craft, will give you access to that last half gallon in the tank. Quick out of the hole. Nose down angle of attack can lend to greater hookup. Very stable at high speeds, great craft in the rough (the best). Deep V hull lends to a surprising affinity to lean and turn for a craft of this size. If ridden hard, some of these craft could experience gas in oil (GIO) issue that could result in the need for frequent oil changes (my 2007 did). Guages are hard to see. Kawasaki got a lot right with this craft, most remove and replace modifications do very little to augment performance with this craft. It is difficult to get the aftermarket parts to achieve higher speeds. It takes a lot of investment in the aftermarket to get this craft to 70 mph. The best speeds we’ve heard of after substantial investment in the aftermarket is between 73 and 74 mph (not personally validated – just heard / also note that we suspect that the mods involved getting the front end so far out of the water that the craft lost a great deal of its hookup). Adjustable steering. If you are a standup offshore rider this craft is a nice fit due to its large size, also relatively comfortable sit down craft. The beauty of this craft is its ability to do 65/66 mph in the rough. Also understand that if the ocean smoothes out, it is likely you will be passed by a SeaDoo which appears to be a faster flat water craft. The ULTRA250X is a rough water muscle craft. Fair warning, this craft drinks the fuel (Premium only), but one must love the 250 horsepower.
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    Australia mate fair dinkum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JET250 View Post
    Thats about what they run..$$

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    Wait they forgot to list this one...
    • Looks compared to other skis: 6
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    damn Kawi's..........gotta figure a way to beat u guys...

    and i agree.....i think its the best looking ski

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