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    Rough water set up GP1300R

    I have a 2003 GP1300R which is currently set up for smooth Lake water riding. Current top speed of 69 mph with the 1200 grate and 70.2 with the 800 grate.

    I am looking to ride on Lake Michigan which is usually 2-4 foot waves. The last time I took my ski out there and left my setup alone, it rode OK, but not great and I think there is plenty of room for improvement.

    I'm thinking put on stock ride plate and sponsons in high position. Let me know what you guys think.

    Current Set Up

    Polished Riva Ride Plate with grinded angle and washers up front
    Riva GP1200R intake grate
    Stepped Sponsons
    Concord 13/19 impeller
    PPK and sealed pump shoe

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    leave the sponson stepped,1200 grate,shim trim tab down
    (like .160 you'll need longer screws) stock plate or try shiming riva plate(not much)

    later cd

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    Just put the some shims in the back mounts of the plate to create less angle. Maybe push down the tabs with washers.

    I do this all the time with no problems...Either find some engine shims or cut a notch in some stainless fender washers.

    Where in Lake Mi ? I am out there whenever I can.

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    Thanks for the help,

    Winthrop Harbor is where I have been going the last couple of times on Lake Michigan

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