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    98 xpl venturi nozzle tips install?

    hey guys, how do i go about installing my nozzle tips on the inside of the venturi assy. do they just push in, glue in, o-ring what. i am missing one so i bought two new ones and am not really sure how they attach. any help would be much appreciated.

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    for fear of sounding impatient. nobody has any suggestions for me. i am stumped on this one.

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    Have you tried to install the missing one ???

    If its loose & it feels like it gonna fall out then use some epoxy or sealant to hold them in.

    My bet is your gonna have problems getting them in as I did.....

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    yeah, i tried just sticking it in there but it just falls out and also when sitting in there is longer than the one original left in there. so i thought i was missing something. the ones i got are for a 99 xpl. anyway, if i put both new ones on do i just pull like hell to get the old one out. what kind of epoxy did you use to get it in there and how do i make sure that i dont block the waterway with epoxy?

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    Different pump was fitted to the 99' XPL

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    so does that mean that i cant use these tips. i will be pissed if i have to go and deal with that dealer again. they suck really bad. anyway, what is the difference between the 98/99 xpl pumps.

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    Just glue the darn thing in & be done with it.

    Siphon nozzles are not in the pump,so that theroy goes out the window....

    They are the right nozzles,use some epoxy & stick something inside so the epoxy doesnt block up the hole.

    Its not rocket science.

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