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    Exclamation does this mod work?

    how does it work?where does it go?and does it really give 60+rpm more? thanx

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    It raise the timing by 3 degrees. It installed in place of the stock time key where the flywheel goes onto the crank snout. By bumping the timing and running 93 octane you will gain some RPMS. Gains will vary.

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    WFO has a 4 degree key which i am running. Awesome throttle response and accelaration for small price. Install is a pain though. remove flywheel to install. do a search and make sure you have it facing correct way or u will retard the timing

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    kool... thats what i wanted to for the 4 degree timming not sure how much i can advance the i think id rather go with the island racing 3 degree..its been around longer and seems to have pretty good results..thanxs guys. another question for the spark plug mod the plug prong is suppose to face which way?

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    DB RACING is also making up 4 degree keys.
    MANY here are running DB keyways and can attest to the quality of the part and performance gains.

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