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    stainless wear ring vs plastic

    just wondering what the difference is between stainless wear ring and plastic, also if i have to replace prop what is best for a stock 05 rxt

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    SS wear ring will last almost forever. Plastic will wear out about every 30 HRS. Only draw back to SS is you wil have to have your prop blades welded up once a season because the prop wears instead of the SS wear ring. Deffinatly worth it in my opinion because youll have no issues w/ to much clearanc butween prop and ring

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    Hello Alan and welcome to the forum!

    stainless wear rings keep the close tolerances between impeller and ring for optimal thrust, less cavitation. Depending on the impeller, the impeller blades may flex causing blades to come in contact with stainless ring and wearing down the edges of the impeller. Over time this will enlarge the gap (clearances) and performance will start to fall off from a hole shot to top end loss.
    recap: gains- less wear tighter tolerances remain, longer use...
    Cons: if you get a rock or debris sucked into the pump the likelyhood of impeller damage and stator vane damage is nearly 100%. In most circumstances the wear ring will survive, but it will be costly to replace the impeller and possibly the pump.

    stock plastic wear ring: can`t beat it for all around use. This is a wear item and a sacraficial part in case of ingesting rock or debris. chances are prop might survive as wear ring whittles down until you kill engine...

    you will buy at least 4-5 plastic wear rings compared to the price of one SS wear ring.

    Prop choice: if you ski is stock, IMHO you can`t beat the stock impeller for all around performance. If you ski is modified, report what you have installed so we can get a closer idea of what would suit your needs best. It is all relative to RPM levels for peak performance and RPM`s near WOT...

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    it is all stock I was just wondering ifif you could boost performance with a different prop

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    it is all stock I was just wondering ifif you could boost performance with a different prop
    it is a give and take, more bottom end to pull tubes or a few tenths more MPH bc you`ll need some more ponies to pull a taller prop...

    I`m sure some good folks here will chime in with exactly what you might use.
    we also talk with:
    Dave at IMPROS
    and Glen at Skat trak

    for re-pitching for optimum performance...

    use the search function for threads pertaining to their services...

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    It is a give and take issue, on my stage 3 RXP I run a stainless but then again its use, is only be me or my middle son. My stage 2 RXP is plastic, when it wears out I will go plastic again just because my daughter uses it most of the time. When my X comes out for the winter I will check and see what it looks like and more than likely stay stock. I inspect them every 10 hours or so just to see how they look. With the cost of a prop vs a ss ring vs a plastic wear ring its up to you. My biggest concern is if I ever have to remove the ss ring? That will be fun......... unless your going to go up to a stage2 or 3 I would stay stock like Pale Rider said if you suck a rock you might save a prop but I think if I suck a rock on the SS, I might just end up having to replace allot more than the prop. Get your self a manual and some tools off of the online store, get the rest of what you need from Craftsman, changing a prop and wear rings hell most of the stage 1 and stage 2 mods are very easy with the right tools, then have fun and report back.

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    I've been running the same pair of plastic wear rings since MudBug last year...I just use a simple plastic epoxy from Home Depot ($5), spread a smooth layer on the inside of the ring, then toss it to the side...When it comes time to swap out, I toss the good epoxied one in. When the ski fires up, it shaves the high spots down to a tight fit. I take the used one, clean it, epoxy it, put it to the side...

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    Plastic will last as long as...your beargs are good.

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    Danny that is a good idea, I will have to try that one! Just a pain getting the wear ring out in one piece...

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    Quote Originally Posted by surferd15 View Post
    Danny that is a good idea, I will have to try that one! Just a pain getting the wear ring out in one piece...

    Put the whole pump in the freezer for about a half hour, 45 min..The wear ring should pull right out..I have used the epoxy on a couple of my rings and it does the trick..Saves a ton of money thats for sure!!!

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