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    Rotax Racing 6224-Cam

    What's Up With The Rotax Racing 6224-Cam.Has Anyone Tried It.I Have The 4224 Thinking Of Upgrading To 6224 From Rotax Racing

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    I was told that the 4224 was for the skis with the ECUs and that the 6224 is intended for use with the EMS. But I know some of the guys here with the EMS are still running the 4224 cams.

    I have not seen anyone post the results on the 6224 that has actually used it.

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    So I'm guessing the 6224 cam is for 8800+ RPM??? PM mrracing. He'll know for sure.

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    So What Happens If I Advance The Cam I Have The R/R Ecu 8800Rpm

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