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    Polaris SLTX Issues

    I am wondering if someone can tell me where to start with the issues I am having with a 1999 Polaris SLTX. When driving, it is hard to start, have to prime it 5 or six times, then it will sort of go then all of a sudden take off like a rocket. Almost like its bogging. It may work fine for a while, then all of sudden lose power. For instance, flying across a lake, it will be running at around 30 miles/he then bang, it takes off to 50 miles /hr. Almost like a cylinder started firing. I have changed the plugs, and trimmed the plug wires. but no luck. Where do I go from here?

    One thing I did notice is that it starts acting up when it gets low on fuel. Not extremely low, right around a quarter tank left. If you fill it up, it works fine. I know, this sounds crazy, but its true.

    I had the ski out again today and the problem seemed to get worse. I would be cruising along at 50 mph and then it would just drop to 30. At one point it just stopped and stalled. After priming a few times, it would start but would bog. It seemed that if I waited 5- 10 mins before restarting, it would be back to normal.

    How can I go about testing the air vent for the tank? What is the procedure? What size fuel lines should I replace the grey lies with?

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    What year is your SLTX?
    You can update your Profile so we can keep track of who has what.

    Have you cleaned and/or rebuilt the carburetors?

    Have you checked the fuel lines for cracks, kinks, or water in the tank, or the fuel/water separator (if your model has one)?

    Sometimes the fuel selector switch can develop an air leak. You might want to pull it apart and clean it up, replace the O-rings.

    If the fuel lines are original, you might want to replace them all.

    Since it is hard to start, and produces the inconsistent power right from the start, it doesn't sound like a fuel tank venting issue.

    It sounds like a fuel delivery issue. Either the fuel system from the tank to the carbs has a problem (including the fuel pump), or the carbs themselves need attention.

    When the fuel level gets low, the fuel pump needs to pump harder to draw the gasoline up to the carbs. When the machine is bouncing up and down on the water as you ride, the fuel intake can ingest air along with the fuel, which makes the fuel pump work harder again. Also, if there is a problem with the fuel pickup tube inside the tank (cracked, air leak?), then a full fuel tank will mask the problem.

    Check the fuel system over carefully.

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    Let me get this straight...if you fill up with fuel, everything works perfectly? If this is the case then K447 is right about the pickup tube inside the tank. Think about drinking a soda with a split in the straw. If the split is below the notice nothing, but when above the soda you draw air.

    Another possibility is the low fuel level triggering the limp mode...cutting back rpms. At least earlier models did this.

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    Changed all the fuel lines tonight as well as the fuel filter. I honestly do not know how that seadoo even ran. The fuel lines were clogged full of gunk. You wouldn't believe. Will try it tomorrow. It started in the garage tonight fine.

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    That green crap in the Tempo lines has been an issue, I'd be cleaning the carbs if I were you.

    Oh and it's not a sea doo, it's a PWC...WELCOME to the GREEN HULK FORUMS.

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    One other question, when i was replacing the fuel lines, i snapped off one of the line connectors on the fuel on/off switch. I decided to just bypass it all together for now. Is this alright? This pwc doesn't have a reserve tank, the switch just goes from off to on.

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    I'd change it. Your particular year may have a low pop off pressure in the carbs. As the tank builds pressure and the switch is open it pushes past the needle/seat and enters the cylinders. Can you spell Hydro-Lock or a hull filled with fuel?

    Now keep in mind it may never happen to you but are you really willing to chance it for 30 bucks??

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    Where can I order a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Oh and it's not a sea doo, it's a PWC...
    Thats funny. Canadians call all snomobiles Ski-Doos, LOL..."oh, you guys goin' out ski-dooing eh?"

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    Had the same problem right after I bought my SLTX. There is an electrical connector off of the rear electrical box that tends to ride in the bottom of the hull. Think its a 12 pin connector for your stator. Check for corrosion on the pins and in the sockets. Ski would run good once you got it started and then wouId loose power and boug down. Its a great ski when its running right.
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