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    FX SHO speedometer

    I guess I will try this in this forum. No one in the general discussion forum would reply......Just wondering what's the deal with the digital speedo on the SHO? I mean, it goes crazy when you are taking off. My analog speedo moves smooth and steady. It got up to a hair over 70 this weekend, say 71? I know that this speedo may not be extremely accurate and I have not used my GPS on it yet. Regardless though, this thing hauls a** The digital speedo was jumping around and I actually saw it read 112mph one time when I was taking off. I was like WTF? Once I am at a steady speed it seems fine. Is it just that sensitive or what?

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    Are you sure you don't have the digital display set to KPH instead of MPH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevv View Post
    Are you sure you don't have the digital display set to KPH instead of MPH?
    Mine was reading exactly that way until i switched it to MPH from KPH

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    We are on KPH in OZ, and at a steady cruise it does bounce a bit on the reading.
    I normally leave the tacho. working and let the digital readout do it's thing.
    At WOT it holds a steady 115KPH, and via the GPS the actual speed is 108.3KPH, so it's reading fast as all the 'dreamo's' do.

    108.3KPH is 67.3MPH for you MPH crew.

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