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    Anyone have Kawasaki Protection Plan?

    Does anyone have the Kawasaki Good Times Protection plan? I'm purchasing a new ski, seems like a reasonable price but in reading the contract, I'm not really sure if the coverage is that great. Seems to only cover parts that are defective in material or factory workmanship. Not just failure.

    Has anyone purchased the plan and had to use it?

    I'm purchasing the 15F which I understand to be pretty reliable.

    Thanks for any help

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    Remember that you do have up to a year to purchase it. Dont let the dealer pressure you into getting it now. Other dealers can work a really good deal on one.

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    how good the warranty is will depend mostly on your dealer.

    they can make or break the warranty, you need the dealer on your side.

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    i had a rather large engine failure last summer and without question it was covered under the protection plan otherwise i would have been out an assload of money

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