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    What mods?..So confuse

    Hi guys

    My friend just got his 08 RXP-X and he is looking for some mods..I see Riva , R&D , Rotax and some custom work from Jawz prop and Jim rideplate which also good choices...I'm confuse coz too many options and unfortunetly some options r useless.

    I spent many days searching and searching and i found different results with same mods

    Wha do u think guys?

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    How much $$$ can he spend on mods, what type of riding does he do and what type of water does he ride in (salt/fresh, chop/no chop)?

    This will help determine the direction he will take.

    -=Mike G.

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    The money shouldn't be the problem...He want it fast and reliable...he like straight drag racing with friends...The water is salt.

    Not sure what is chop mean ( sorry Mike )

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    Tell him to start with the basics and go with the Riva stage 1 kit. He can always add more modifications to that later.

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    "Chop" is/are waves like 1' or 2' that repeat, or boat wakes that make the lake like a bath tub (basically rough water). I just wondered if his riding was in generally rough water or smooth water.

    Like posted above you can start with Riva Stg. 1 and go from there. Some people that have the $$$$ like to go big from the beginning, but I like to evaluate the modifications as they are installed to see what the results are of each one, vs. just throwing everything on all at once.

    Look here:

    -=Mike G.

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    That's what i mean

    I have Riva stg1, exhaust and thermostat on my RXP-X and i see 72-73 but i also see same numbers with ppl has re-pitched prop or Jim O.L rideplate so why i should go with Riva stg1.

    Riva stg1 has 3" intake and many said it is useless and recommend the 4" intake

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    The 4" intake is a rear intake. The only problem with that is if you jump a lot of wakes, etc. you can ingest water. Otherwise it is about the best air intake you can get...

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    If you want to throw it all in at once, get riva stage 1 and jims open loop rideplate and intake manifold upgrade and have your prop repitched for that setup depending on what rpm's u're running. I'me sure you could see 76-78+ with that...Possibly a riva or rotax ecu if you have the money and want to go that rout.

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    take jerys word, if he dont have the cash to buy the kit at once, he can buy it piece by piece, it will cost more in the long run.

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