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    Stock 2007 RXT, SC wheel change

    Just had SC rebuilt with OEM Seadoo kit and added 7.5lb wheel instead of stock wheel. Ski is completely stock otherwise. Ski used to run 7900 -8000 rpm and 70mph as reflected on ski speedo. After mod, ski runs 7800 rpm and 58-61mph on speedo. SC slip apparently checked OK. Seadoo tech support had us take PTO cover off to check flywheel bolts. Everything looked OK, so put everything back together, took ski back out with no change in top end speed. Disconnected air intake to see if addtional air would make difference, ski ran up to 61mph. I am at the point of putting stock SC wheel back on. I have check spark plugs, compression, oil level. Looking for any other help or if for some reason 7.5lb wheel just will not work on stock ski.

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    You really need to install a boost guage to measure the boost... Ron

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