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Thread: Stale Fuel?

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    Stale Fuel?

    Broke the crankcase on my ski last year. I recall putting some stabil in the gas tank. I'm now getting around to working on it and drained the fuel tank today. At $4.00/gal I have $20.00 in fuel that was sitting for about a year. Can I just add some more stabil to the fuel and reuse it?

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    If you put enough Sta-Bil in the tank to handle five gallons, AND you did not get much moisture in the tank over that time from condensation, it should be OK to use. Not in the PWC, but mixed in with a full tank of fresh fuel in your car or truck.

    Adding more Sta-Bil to the old fuel now won't do much good, it really only helps when added before the fuel has had time to sit.

    If you found any water in the bottom of the PWC fuel tank, then consider all the removed gasoline to be garbage.

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    I agree

    Put that in you vehicle don't run it in your ski Use it to start a bom fire

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    Thanks for the input. I added the 5 gallons to my 17 gal fuel tank in my truck. I also stopped by the automotive store and purchased a bottle of stuff that removes water. Topped off the truck with midgrade fuel and hope for the best. The truck has 205,000 miles anyway!

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