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    Drive shaft noise?

    What is this noise? It seems to be coming from the drive shaft. You can hear it really well right before I kill the motor.

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    Turn the drive shaft over by hand, using the PTO coupler behind the engine.

    Any noise coming from the jet pump or drive shaft bearings?

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    Lube the thru hull fitting and coupler.

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    The extension is .mov. It is listed as an acceptable file type. Not sure why it doesn't upload. I'll try YOUTUBE and then post a link.

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    I've lubed both the fittings, one next to the engine, and the coupler (which is new)

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    The noise I'm speaking of is heard best @ 8-10Seconds in the video.

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    That sounds like the impeller hitting the wear ring. Have you checked the pump and bearings.

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    I got a used wear ring and the shop put new bearings in the pump last year. I rode the ski 5 times and the motor went out. I picked up another 750SL with a busted pump. The bearings had seized. I swapped the pump off my ski with the blown motor. Before I put the pump on, I spun the impeller and it would just barley touch the wear ring. It wasn't much at all and I figured it was surface rust on the used wear ring I bought. The impeller spun fine, the bearings should be good. Is this a major issue? I thought if I rode it a few times, it would burn past the surface rust. Any thoughts?

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    Me too

    I have a 94 750sl that I got 4 weeks ago it run good but I have the same problem as you. It sounds the same I'm new to jet ski so I thought it was just how they sound out of the water in the water its not as loud and it runs good. I have a 96xp only had that for 2 weeks kind of the same noise out of the water. I'm with this guy help can this f-up the engine or is it a matter of lube or bearings are all drive shafts loud?

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    Thats what mine does too.

    Do i need new pump bearings?

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