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Thread: 03 GTi LE DESS

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    03 GTi LE DESS

    First time poster here with a question for the guys with the Sea Doo knowledge I have a 2003 Sea Doo GTi LE, the problem seems to be the DESS key but I would like someone to concur before I start ordering parts. When the DESS key is plugged in, there is nothing. I have 12v going to the switch but nothing going out. I have checked the Ohms of the switch as per manual and it indicates the switch is bad. I made a jumper fro,m the Black/purple wire to the black/yellow wire and I get one "beep" so I assume this would indicate the switch is bad. Having said that when you order a new DESS switch does it come with a cordinating programmed lanyard or does the MEPM and switch need to be sent out for programming? Any help is appreciated and this Forum is great. Thanks.

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    If the dess post/switch is replaced you dont need to program a key,same key will work.

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    thats what I need to know, thanks.

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