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    should I replace pistons or keep stock

    I am doing rings and want to know if there is any real improvement with Wiesco or proX pistons. Not racing just want reliable with some extra speed.
    2001 gp1200r 85 hrs
    solas I forget pitch but its what you all have sugested for stock
    riva intake
    ride plate
    pp kit

    installing now
    free flow
    D plate
    Gas powervales
    Oil bypass

    And I guess since it has only run for 30 mins in the last 3 years I should pull carbs and clean or check reeds also? right? While I am in there?

    I would like not to have to do any more work on it for like 3 years.

    Are any of you Master techs vacationing on the OuterBanks of NC that would like to help put it back
    many thanks fobxgpr

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    if compression is fine you probably do not need rings or pistons

    the way to tell is to measure them and see if they are within spec per the shop manual

    I had trouble with my boat last weekend so I took the carbs apart to clean them, thecarbs and reeds looked like new (and didn't need cleaning) the thing is my boat is 20 years old - so again if the motor runs fine your carbs probably don't need to be done

    if you do the carbs, then you should consider rebuilding them using a mikuni rebuild kit (the gaskets etc. will age with time)

    a free flow makes a 1200 very noisy and you will lose approx. 1mph, instead of installing a free flow you might try a 1300 waterbox

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    Pro-X or OEM Pistons and Rings. I have heard horror stories about Wiseco pistons in GPR's causing seizures. I did use Wiseco's in an Untra 150 in 2001 and it actually got quicker but didn't change the top end.

    I did rebuilt top end on a GPR with Pro-x and had excellent results.

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