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    Drive package

    Anyone know of a drive package with coupler, shaft, pellar, and bearings for a 95 slx. My mechanic said they made an after market package that I could buy to install or should I just buy the pieces seperate. Would like them to be new if I can get a package. Thanks

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    I don't recall any package like that.
    Randy at Watcon has all the goodies you need.
    You can also get most of it used from Zigler.

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    Never heard of that package either.

    I know they had the drive shaft update kit for the 750.

    And the long jet pump kit.

    But your 95 SLX already had all the updated parts from the factory.

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    Thank guys. I didn't think there was. I quess its time to break out the money. The good thing is my mechanic took the shaft and pump out and I get to put it back together. Im glad I didn't have to attack the coupler.

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