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    Pretty happy with these results...

    Took the RXP-X out to the Red River and 12-Mile Bayou saturday. After converting some of the fuel to greenhouse gasses, I took some GPS runs.

    All of the runs were done on a 1/4 mile section of the Bayou where its smooth & lonely (maybe a little too lonely ).

    1st run upsteam GPS read 73.8
    2nd run downstream GPS read 74.3

    Got it down to 1/4 tank and did a couple more runs downstream.
    3rd run GPS read 75.1
    4th run GPS read 74.8
    I had acouple of readings of high 75 & low 76 but I threw these out as spikes. Was able to hit 74s pretty regular on the way back to the ramp.

    The Bayou is barely flowing so there is only a little help to be had there while going downstream. The air temps were around 98 - 100 with typical Louisiana humidity (I think around 200% )

    Ski felt good. Very quick. Only complaint would be the somewhat violent, high frequency porpoising at speed. Haven't drilled the pump shoe, yet and was VERY aware of iminent pump stuffing

    Big thanks to everyone in the forum who has posted their mods. I copied with abandon. Thanks to the GH on-line store for reasonable prices and swift delivery on parts. This forum is the BEST!

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    those are great results.... especially in this hot and muggy heat we've been having to put up with in bayou land

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