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    Just bought a 1997 slt780, few questions.

    I just bought my first pwc, well actually two 1997 SLT780's.

    Are these quality skis?

    Dumb question, I am used to riding 2-stroke quads and they have oil in the crankcase, do jet skis have any oil in them becides the mix oil?

    What does the black knob above the seat do, it just says ON? Is this for reverse, if not how do you put it in reverse?

    Also one of the skis has the top end torn apart, and I might sell it or part it out, so if anyone is interested in it let me know.

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    You can download the factory 1992-1998 Polaris Service Manual here.

    The black knob is either the fuel selector (ON, Reserve, OFF), or ON-OFF, or it is the choke (pull to apply choke when starting.

    There is no oil in the crank case, other than residual oil that hasn't yet gone through the engine.

    If it is in stock configuration, it has a separate oil tank for the 2-stroke oil, and an oil pump and injection hoses that feed the oil (slowly) into each air intake. Other than making sure the tank has decent oil level (TC-W3 specification), and the hoses and oil pump linkage are in good shape, the oil system doesn't need much attention.

    The Fuji engine 780cc Polaris PWC are often described as being a lot of fun to ride. Light weight overall, playful hull design. Rated at 95HP for 1997.

    DO pay attention to the fuel system. Everything from the fuel lines inside the tank, all the way to the carbs, needs to be in 100% condition. If it isn't you can rapidly (within minutes) encounter lean burn at high throttle levels, and literally burn a hole through a piston top.

    Here is a rebuild guide for the Mikuni carburetors. Be sure to use genuine Mikuni parts or rebuild kits. At the very least, open them up and clean the internal filters in the carbs.

    Also recommended to replace ALL the fuel lines, including any inside the fuel tank. Consider rebuilding the fuel pump too, just to ensure adequate fuel delivery.

    The other thing these engines don't like (well, any engine) is water inside the crank case. Once the steel bearings in there start to rust, they will not have much life at 6,000+ RPM, and can fail catastrophically.

    The 780 engine with the top end removed. If it has been exposed to moisture, you need to carefully evaluate the bottom end before rebuilding the top end.

    If the gasoline sold in your area has Ethanol, then minimum octane recommended by Polaris is 89 octane. If you can buy gasoline without Ethanol, that is preferred, even if it costs a little more.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Please get yourself acquainted with the ski before you take it out. Don't want you hurting yourself or someone else due to not knowing.

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