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    jetting specs for 98 slxh 1050?

    I have a 98 slxh 1050 that seems to have a carburation problem: will not hold a idle in the water for long, and bogs down when grabbing the throttle. The ski also will sometimes stall when letting off the gas after riding it hard. I will be swapping out the grey fuel lines shortly, as well as going through the carbs. What I'd like to know is what are the stock specs for the carbs for the low and high screws for the center, mag, and pto? Also, is there anything else I should be looking for when diagnosing this?? IE does the 1050 have any quirks I may need to know?
    The compression is good in all three jugs (135-140).
    Thank you for any help offered

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    All of that info is listed in the tech section as well as the factory manual. A little searching goes a long way.

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    I did search in the tech #33 has some specs, however did not have the 98 1050 listed.

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    Hey thanks man!!!

    FWIW-the chart you posted lists no high speed screw...Unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a screw up top as well, at least on the pto side. I remember seeing one when I last looked at the ski. I would have to assume there would be one on each of the carbs then? I wonder if mine has carbs from a different model??

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    The 98 SLXH 2 seater (yellow and white) 1050 (3 cylinder) uses 40mm carbs,the 40mm carbs do not have a high speed mixture screw.
    The 38mm or 42mm have high and low speed mixture screws.Measure the bottom opening of the carbs when you have them off,make sure you know which carbs you have,specs very alot between models.

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    Thanks. I'll check them out later after work. I wonder which rack I've got on there, and why not the stock ones...

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    OK, I must have had too many cold ones...definitely no high speed screws to be found

    What I did find: my low speed jets in the center and pto are 65 vs. oem 62, and my mag carb low jet is a 35 instead if the oem 62...could explain some rough idling and starting. Also, my fuel selector valve has been by-passed; the hose is running straight from the pick up through the filter to the carb inlet. I also don't have a water seperator valve? The previous owner must have taken it off for some strange reason??

    Does anyone have some keihn jets they'd like to part with?

    Would running without a water seperator cause the ski to run poorly? (I wouldn't think so).

    Is using the ski without the fuel selector valve a bad idea? On my GP sxr I do this without any problems...

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    so let me see if i got this right,the mag carb low is 35 and the mid is 35,the cen and pto lows are 65 and the mids are 35...double check all that again to be sure,while the carbs are off sync them all up,usually the cen is off 1/8 to 1/4 turn as is the pto vs the cen,the plastic adjusters wear over time and require resyncing

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