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    Yam. VX-Cruiser or Honda F-12

    Buy '08 Yamaha VX-110 Cruiser or ne '06 Honda F-12?

    I don't need speed. Which is drier ride, which gets better fuel economy?

    Like the extra storage of Honda, like the low back deck on Yam. Help


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    I actually was consider an 05 F12 and an 07 VX Deluxe earlier this summer. I'll put a link to the thread I started about the 2. Information will be good since the only difference between the Deluxe and Cruiser is the seat and maybe color.

    The VX should definietly get better fuel economy. I believe it is supposed to be on of the best. However, not the best for storage as you already know.

    Down side to the Honda is that I believe it is recommended to run premium fuel. If you are looking at operation cost that's gonna be alittle more.

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