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    Yam. VX Cruiser or Honda F-12

    Buy '08 Yamaha VX-110 Cruiser or ne '06 Honda F-12?

    I don't need speed. Which is drier ride, which gets better fuel economy?

    Like the extra storage of Honda, like the low back deck on Yamaha. Both same price. Help


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    Much hull and ecu technology has changed since '06 in both Yamaha and Honda. I guess you should ask yourself, "why does Honda have many '06 & '07 models still at dealers and in warehouses all across the country?" When you answer that question, you have answered your original question!!! Honda makes a great motor, but I have friends that ride Honda skis and they hate the way they handle and the spray.

    I have both the '08 VX Cruiser and the '08 FXHO Cruiser. If you can spring for the little extra cost, by all means, go with the FXHO Cruiser, you will not be sorry.................BB

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    I havn't ridden one but the Hondas are known for a very wet ride.

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