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    rr ecu

    can u run an 08 rr ecu on an 06 rxp? if so what has to be changed? i read something about 08 didnt have mpem and the 06 does. all input would be appreciated.

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    You can't run it on an 06 but you can run it on an 07

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    jerry ur like my angel; alway there for me when i need answers

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    you sould be at 80 with the rr 8600 ecu....
    Just remember, not many skis are going 80...
    there is a reason for that...
    80 is a big accomplishment...
    Some will say "Im close, but not there..." and "Im doing 79"
    Just cuase you see a "bleep" at 79, doesnt mean you are there...
    You should be able to do it again and again...
    Atleast for me...

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