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    SLX 780 Carb rebuild/overhaul?

    Hey guyz, wattup?

    Looking to rebuild the carbs in my 1996 SLX 780. Can anyone guide me in the right direction of a easy to get, cheap if possible, rebuild kit for my carbs? Is this the best way to go about this process? Open ears, open to any and all ideas, etc. No experience rebuilding Polaris carbs, any help would be awesome. Thanks much!!!

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    Don't go cheap on the rebuild kits. Try finding a deal on Ebay or something if possible on Mikuni genuine parts. It's worth the extra little $$$.

    Or you can buy just the parts you need from Randy at, as the kits have parts you won't need on your 38's.

    I'd suggest getting new needles and seats as well. Which are not included in the kits. (2.0 N&S)

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    Okay, so I should contact that guy and order what I need, individually? Where can I ge the needles and seats, from the same guy? So, I DO have 38 Mikuni's on there? Will he know exactly what to give me for a full rebuild? My bike runs strong but I figured it would be worth it beings it sat for 2 years before I bought it. Thx for all the feedback. GreenHulk rocks...

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