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    Smile Sho Fuel Line

    Hi I have A Sho with 65 hrs.and no problems until yesterday.I was riding with my grandson when the engine just stopped I tried to start it several times and no luck there was a strong fuel odor after a couple cell calls to the dealer he towed me in to the shop.Five mins and it was fixed the fuel line came off! I guess I am lucky there was about a quart of gas in the bilge

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    Which fuel line? I'll just put checking them on my list of stuff to watch out for. Thanks for the info.

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    Thanks for the info boxster.

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    Tell us more. A pic of where would be good please.

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    You could have a blocked gas tank vent like I had on my 08 FXSHO.
    The vent was not rigged properly and the vent line was kinked

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    It is only held on by a little red clip.

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