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    is this normal ???

    Well after all the help from every one i am getting more rpm's 7750 @ 68mph on a 04 110hr rxp no mod's and just had the knock sensor update done and a new oem prop and wear ring but i did the 0-60 test and it was just under 4 seconds is that pretty much normal for the year ???????

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    What's the air temp where you're at? Is that GPS speed or dream-o-meter speed? Full tank or empty? How was the VTS set?

    It sounds like your're a little over-propped but not too much for this time of summer. If you plan on doing some simple mods, like filling the ride plate holes, trimming the reverse bucket, 4" rear air filter you may pickup 300 rpms and 3 mph... Ron

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    Also, what is the elevation in your riding area.

    Ambient temps and elevation play a huge role.

    If you ride in hot temps or a high elevation it will be necessary to depitch the trailing edge of your impeller to get the RPM's up.

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    is this normal?

    I live in ontario canada and the air temp for that time was 85 and the water temp was 75 i had the trim about 2 notches off the top and i had a 3/4 tank of fuel with water motion was calm to small ripples and i did this on the clock ron now i ran a 1/4 tank of fuel same temp's and i hit the 70mph club i was pretty proud of that the water was about the same not much in mentioning in a differancenow thats only with the holes filled and i used silacone instead of j-b weld like i have read others do because if i want to ever get that off i won't have any problems in doing so,, it worked for me but i still think i can get more out of it with only topping off @ 7750 rpm's whatchya think ??????

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