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Thread: How did I do?

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    How did I do?

    I want to see if you guys think I'm where I should be with my speed and mods.

    Here was stock.

    69.0 MPH @ 8000, Superunatural, 07 RXP, Rider 240lbs, air temp 82, water temp 81, Sea level, 5 bars of fuel, stock supercharger, stock intercooler, stock prop, stock exhaust, stock nozzle, no hull mod's, no injection mod's, no engine mod's, reverse bucket mod.

    I have just now done the Riva stage 1, green wheel (installed by Jerry) and Riva free flow exhaust. I ran 71.9 @ 8160 with 89 degree water temp 85 degree air temp with 70% humidity. Also How does the new prop and grate feel compaired to the stock stuff? Hitting it from idle to wot it seems to cavitate for a second, is that normal? I checked my wear ring my clearance was about .04, should I recheck?

    I only rode for a half hour so I'm still trying to figure it out again. Is this a decent start?

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    I just put a RR wheel on my stock 06 rxp and I burn the shit out of the prop on holeshot. I love the power with the new blower the mid range is insane.

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    [quote=Superunatural;744259]I want to see if you guys think I'm where I should be with my speed and mods.

    i would say you have done good. 3 mph gain top so far with i am sure more acceleration.

    you might be on the limiter and have more speed to gain. Add some pitch to the trailering edge of prop to get rpms to 8,100. I bet you still got another 1 mph in her once you do that.

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    yea I picked up 3mph after the fan install

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    If your running 8160 in 89 degree heat your gonna definatly want to add some pitch to her..Bring down the Rs a little cause once it cools off your Rs will go up even more..Me personally i would start with 1mm..

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