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    Carbs Rebuilt, tops out at 55, and stripped head bolt issue..XLT1200

    I rebuilt my carbs with a SBN rebuild kit...after some bumps in the road I finished.

    I took this baby in the water, NOT SMOOTH AS GLASS, but light chop, and my top speed was about 55max.

    The zero-40 acceleration is awesome! And I did install the High Speed T-Handles... if I open them a bit...will that increase my top end speed?

    ALSO, when I found that two of my head bolts are stripped (right next to each other, attached to exhaust chamber bracket). I used a recoil kit for the 1st one without issue, however, during the second, major issue.

    I drilled out the old threads, and then was retapping the new threads, and the Tap broke off all the way in the hole!!!! I tried drilling it out but its hardened steel and my bits wont do it.

    So, I decided to remove the head cover so I can get my vice grips on the remaining piece. Is there anything I should know when I do this? Do I HAVE to replace the gasket(s)?

    Final question, I must have unscrewed the IDLE screw too far and removed it from the carb. How hard do you think it will be to reattach while carb. is still installed? Im going to pull the STINGER and try to reach it but I would love an opinion before I go in there.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I'd bump the high screws up and see! you can't hurt going richer

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    Chances of too lean problem?

    How much adjustment for the 1st HIGH SPEED SCREW 'bump up' adjustment? What are the chances of going too lean?

    BTW, any other thoughts on the other questions? anybody?



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    what are your initial adjustment screw settings?....and what is your Jetting?....

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    Pull the head. That's really the way it should have been done in the first place.. Was it a long head bolt from right around the cylinder or one of the water jacket bolts? Unfortunately have a bad kinda feeling that you might have ruined the jug if you tried to drill out a busted steel tap in an aluminum jug... I probably would have stopped there and taken it to a local machine shop to have it taken out....
    The head gaskets are fairly cheap. I'd replace it, but it really depends on how the gasket looks.. If the black coating is peeling off then it definately needs to be replaced. I've reused them in the past with a coating of water resistant grease, but only if the coating is good..

    My idle control remote cable was broke off when I got my ski. When I bought a new one I tried to put it on without removing anything.... I couldn't reach it from the bucket opening and my arms were to fat to fit around/between the pipe..

    Hope you get it all sorted out.

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    oh boy...

    Well you are right.... I did drill out the hole without removing the head cover... I had posted all of this on another forum but ZERO people mentioned that I need to remove the head cover...they just swore by the REcoil kits.

    Anyhow now that I got into this mess I can see I should have removed the head the 1st time....

    Anyhooo... now I am here. The gaskets look great as a matter of fact so Im not too concerned....the head cover is staring to get a little mangled now that ive been trying to remove this broken TAP.

    Any ideas what store would sell a tap extractor kit,...on a SATURDAY!!! ughh... Im supposed to be enjoying the waves tomorrow on my vacation, but aparently not this time. The TAP broke into several pieces. One piece, just the Threaded stuck in block.... another piece, 1/2 shaft, 1/2 threaded piece, is stuck in cylinder head cover. Nothing is moving this crap and Ive allready broken two sets of plyers and tore up a few bits.

    Please help... Suggestions for specific bits or tools and the stores that carry them on a SATURDAY would be awesome...thanks fellas!


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    my jetting is Stock...and I set them for what I was told stock Hi speed screw settings are.

    I just adjusted them a 1/4 turn

    im saying a prayer I get these taps out!!!!



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    I was addressing the speed isue! you def won't drill out a tap as you learned

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    Hey Kev,
    Take some pics.. It's easier to comment on it if we can see it..

    The only threaded part in the head is where the upper water jacket cover attaches to the top of the head... The other true head bolts just pass right through the water jacket cover and the head and thread into the jug.

    Unfortunately, If you broke an extractor inside the jug thread holes your probably not going to get it out with normal hand tools without wrecking the jug...

    I've reused gaskets in the past with no problems...I always smear some waterproof grease on the surface before putting them back in...

    Take some pics bro'. We need to see it.

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    Thanks for the input Drew! Im in Philly and supposed to be going to NJ shore tomorrow but im going to try and push it off till sunday and get this thing fixed tomorrow (SAT). Ill upload some pics in the morning and hopefully youll get a chance to check them out asap.

    So...the tap broke into 3 pieces

    1.) Smallest- water cover -allready got that out with minimum damage
    2.) largest piece-Head cover - partially threads and partially straight shaft of tap. It seems the thread part is pretty loose and broken seperate from the straight shaft stuck in this (2 pieces). I think if I get an air hammer, I might be able to remove the threaded part and then get at the straight shaft without too much trouble.
    3.) fairly small piece- In the Jug- just the last 4-10 threads of the tap. I can easily place something in the holes on either side however I dont have something strong enough that wont bend. I tried needle nose plyers and then some channel locks but the plyers broke. Then some nails-BROKE. Now im afraid to take it further for fear of trashing the engine...It sure is nerve wracking with the Cylinders right there and Im knocking around metal shards. Im going to air gun and wetdry vac everything before I close it up...

    I know I can replace the head cover and water cover easily and fairly inexpensive so Im not SUPER worries about those... The jug, it would seem, would be EASY if I had a TAP Extraction kit..but I have no idea where to get one around here. Im thinking an air hammer and chisel.

    IDEAS? Resources (that are open Saturday)?

    BTW, what sealant in particular do you use on the gasket when I reseal it?

    Thanks again and in advance!


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