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    93 SL750 part-out

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to be dumping the Polaris I believe. I found a killer deal on a running sea-doo and I know those machines fairly well. After all the trouble with the ski it's time to move another direction so here are the parts that are good:

    Complete bottom end: I've tested the index on this and there's no variation. The crank only has about 12 hrs on it and the cases are from a 780. It has the oil block off kit on it. If the buyer wants assurance that the index is good I can bring it to a reputable machine shop and for 15 dollars they'll check the index of the crank. For 45 they'll re-index it if you're REALLY paranoid. Cost on this will be about 400 shipped (maybe a little more depending upon where you are) plus machine shop costs if you wish.

    Jugs/heads: All the jugs and heads have just been honed out. I put a hole through one of the pistons with a lean condition and detonated another limping it back to the docks but the jugs are spotless. They're bored to .75mm over. The heads have not been touched and have no damage to them. I also have one good wsm .75mm over piston set with about 4 hours on it someone is looking for it. Give me offers on these as I don't have a good idea on value. I'll compare any offers against recent ebay auctions though so don't think I'm a chump

    Pump: Pump is complete and works with no problem. Impeller could be smoothed out a bit otherwise no issues.

    CDI: No problems with this either. Ski ran. 'nough said. Make offers.

    Carbs: Will most likely need to be re-adjusted, but do work and are complete.

    Trim unit: everything is present with the trim unit and it works

    Steering: cables present let me know what you need.

    Hull: Hull is in fair shape the only part that is broken on this is the hood knob.

    Gauges: All gauges work, what do you need?

    Exhaust: everything is present, what do you need?

    Triple outlet fuel pump: 20 bucks+ shipping (it's brand new and it's 15 bucks off)

    92-96 factory service manual:35 bucks+shipping

    Or if someone thinks they know more about these machines than me I'll sell the whole thing with a lifetime license trailer that I just rebunked and a MN boat license valid thru 2010 for 800 bucks. I'll even throw in the new trailer wiring kit I got for it. To get it going you'll have to replace the PTO and the center piston. The WSM .75mm over pistons can be had on ebay for about 160 bucks shipped. You won't even have to remove the exhaust pipe for this job. Lastly, adjust the carbs and you should be fine.

    Let me know if there's anything else you're looking for.


    P.S. for sales references you can see and inquire about user "Cynic" or on ebay the username is CynicCE. 100% feedback as both buyer and seller.

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    Alright. If anyone wants this ski whole I'm knockin the price down to 600 bucks with trailer, manual, extra jugs, 2 bad blocks (if you want them)...whatever I have for the thing. If no bites I'm going to be parting it out because I know I'll get more out of it than that.

    Once again it needs two .75mm over WSM pistons (available in an ebay store for 72 bucks each) and the carbs to be checked and adjusted. I can still fire this thing up with the bad pistons but obviously that's not recommended. However, if you don't want to take my word that it'll start that's what we can do.

    Let me know.


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    Looking for MFD for my '95 SL750. How much?

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    I need a Stator for my 750. [email protected]

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    Thanks guys but I sold the ski complete.

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