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    HELP :: Can't open front hatch

    Not sure what happened, but now when I pull the latch to open the front hatch on an 08 250, it won't unlock... Any ideas on how to get this open so I can see what happened?

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    ouch sounds like a biatch, take it to your dealer to fix, that way if it gets real buggered opening it warranty should fix.

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    I just went through this with my 07. If you can pull the release latch out too far a circle clip has fallen off the pin that joins the handle and the release mechanism.

    Go ahead and pull the handle all the way out and look at the end of it and take note of how long of a tool you till need to reach in there and grab the release. I used some real long needle nose pliers I got from Harbour Freight (don't worry this is not techical work ). Maybe a flash light will help too. Why the a little circle or c-clip on to hold this bashing around is beyond me but looks like it carried over to the 08

    So the getting it open is not the hard part the hard part is the fix. You are going to have to take off the whole lid by removing the four screws in the "V" like base. Be careful because your parts are probably still rolling aournd in there and you might want them. Then take the upper painted part and the inner or lower black part apart. Should be self explainitory what needs to happen once you have it apart but pay attention to how you are going to have to put the thing back together. Getting the upper part of the strut back in between there is a biatch. I thought about making a warranty claim but then I would have lost half of our short summer up here.

    You might want to just change the pin for a bolt and nyloc bolt. I went with two circle clips.

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    Being fixed

    I have the ski at the dealer, as they were replacing the hatch anyway under warranty (came scratched when I bough it).

    Said it was a pain to get it open, and he had to break the cowling to get in there. Waiting on the new parts to come in this week, and riding the 150 in the meantime...

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