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    Yep...he flipped my SL750

    Hey gang... I'm another new member of the forum and been enjoying my 94 SL750 for a few weeks now and this past week a family member flipped my ski upside down in the lake. From what I could tell...some water did get into the body...about an inch. The jetski ran afterwards...but now exhibits strange behaviour at times during half throttle. It idles fine... and at full throttle ususally is fine....but at half throttle it will bog down to just about stall...and refuses to rev-up if held at this position. I've changed the plugs. The compression is 133-150-150 on the cylinders. It seems like a fuel problem....but not sure why it would suddenly start having problems since I don't think there was much water in the ski.

    I'd appreciate your input. Thanks!

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    did you check your fuel/water seperator?

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    1992-1998 Polaris Service Manual here.

    Check the water separator, and check the fuel tank for water.

    Sometimes the gas filler gets cracked, and water works its way into the tank. When you roll it over, the water gets mixed into the fuel, and heads towards the carbs.

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    I had added a new water seperator a week before the ski was flipped over in the lake. The water seperator shows no water in the sight glass.

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    If the roll over event was violent, something may have become loose or cracked, or some dirt has gotten dislodged and internally plugged up a carb or two.

    Check all the fuel lines and connections for cracks and air leaks.

    Also check the electrical stuff, especially the spark plug wires (might want to unscrew and trim the plug wires 1/4 inch at the plug ends, just to be sure those connections are in good shape).

    Check and/or replace the spark plugs.

    Is it possible the carb adjustment screws got touched while you were dealing with the water or other things?

    If none of the above fixes it, then you should consider pulling the carbs apart, and cleaning them. If they have not been serviced in a long while, now would be a good time.

    Even if it seems to be running OK at full power, you may still be running lean, which can burn down a piston.

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