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Thread: Flea-bay sales.

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    Flea-bay sales.

    Well, I posted another pile of stuff on e-bay.. Take a look and see how many descriptions I screwed up.. LOL.. I hate to toss a lot of this stuff, so if you see something that doesn't sell call me..


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    Will the MSX 140 (1192cc engine) Ficht EMM+injectors work without adjustment on any 1165cc Polaris engine?

    I know the cylinder porting is different, so I am wondering if the EMM programming is different for the two engine types.

    Are the electrical stators the same between 1192cc and 1165cc Ficht engines?

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    this is a powervalve 1200 spacer not an 1100 or 1200 non pv
    like you listed! but the gaskets are for the non pv

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    Ficht questions.

    447; Those are good questions.. I beleive they will interchange, but I'm not that well versed on Ficht stuff. Maybe you & Bernie, etc can answer these questions?


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