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    High speed surging on '97 GSI

    Anybody know what could cause surging in power and RPM while in high speed? I checked plugs, fuel filter, spark arrestor. Don't know if it has a fuel pump and did not check screen at bottom of fuel post (pole that goes in fuel tank that contains fuel level indicator).
    Thanks for any hints....

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    Check your fuel lines for splits and make sure they are all tight so that it cannot suck air. This can also be caused by fuel slosh if you are below 1/4 tank.

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    11 y.o. machine,,,, my guess would be either partially clogged fuel lines (if they are the old Grey TEMPO lines, get rid of them before it's too late), partially clogged fuel filter *inside* the Carbs. or a bad Rectifier / Regulator module.

    First, disconnect the R/R and see if the problem goes away, but dont run too long without it since you are getting your juice directly from the Battery w/o it being charged by the R/R module,, you may have 2 hours or 20 minutes depending on the state of your battery charge. The R/R module is bolted on the MPEM and has a 4-Pin Black connector, easy to get to in the front of the Hull.

    Otherwise, start with a Carb. rebuild, and if they are clogged internally, a Fuel System rebuild and dousche out the contamination in the bottom of the Fuel Tank.

    You have your work cut out for you on this one, I see this all the time on units with 5+ years on them depending on how well they were maintained and winterized (Fuel Stabil)

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    more specific

    These are good tips. I thought it was a gas or air starvation issue, but the electric R/R issue may be it. Just a little detail before I play with the fuel lines, etc... The surging is very regular. I mean it is not hap-hazard, but is very regular. Sloshing would not be it. I do not know if the electric issue would cause a regular surge or not. I do not see a filter *inside* the carbs, just the one in the storage compartment that looked clean (I blew it out anyway).

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    Does your ski have the grey fuel lines ??They just told you the answer to your problem!!The grey seadoo fuel lines soften inside and plug the fuel filters inside the carbs(INSIDE THE CARBS NOT OUTSIDE!!!)Also many times the inside flaking and gumming of grey seadoo lines clogs the fuel petcock , anyplace the fuel slows down or fuel line connects to a fitting,I can assure your fuel lines and carbs are the problem if you still have the grey lines!!!,I have changed out over 60 skis this summer alone,The fuel lines look like new on outside, just remove the connection where the fuel line goes in carb , take a small knife and scrape the inside of fuel line a soft greenish gunk will appear on your knife.The filter inside the carb is the size of a pencil eraser on a pencil!!!so it doesnt take much to cause problems, its the fuel back in 96 we didnt have the gasoline types in use today.also never ever use any conditioner or carb cleaner!!!it also will cause major problems with seafoam being the worst to attack grey doo lines>Marvin

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    Thx all.

    I appreciate the time.

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    1997 GSI surging problem

    Did you ever fix the surging problem?

    My GSI is doing the same thing.. I think i will replace fuel lines....

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