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    Smile Engine rebuild advice needed FX HO

    A buddy gave me his ski: a 2004 Yamaha with the FXHO engine.

    He ran the ski and the oil filter blew off emptying oil into the bilge making the engine run rough and lowering compression in cylinder3 to 160psi? the rest were 200+?

    I got the ski with the engine in pieces, all the bolts are neatly in bags. It would not be to hard to put together. My question...

    The crank is blue in two places. The pistons and rods are gone(thrown away) The head looks fine, the case is fine, the cylinder walls look fine.

    Do I buy a SBT engine for $2300 and send this one back, or is there a place where I can send this engine and they will machine it, replace all bearings and put it all back together?

    What would you do? Im not afraid, but this would be the first engine I have worked on (except for lawnmowers and chainsaws)

    Thanks in advance for your replys!


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    if your not going to do the work your self
    i would get the sbt engine


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