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    Best price for a RXP-X in USA dealer ?

    Hi, i'd like to buy a RXP-X from USA, the base price is 13000$, whats the common best price we can have at dealers for this model ?


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    Check e-BAY and do a search for RXP-X.
    Dealers do advertise there and offer any facotry incentives ($1000.00 Gas Card) that may be in effect at the time.

    I have seen as low as $10,499.00 + shipping

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    hum ok thx, and at local dealers we have a same best price ?

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    I got mine for $10,9xx in the beginning of May. 08'. By the time I added the $300 prep fee, $700+ in taxes, registration, Karavan powder coated trailer ($800 in think), the 4 year transferable bumper to bumper warranty for $800, Sea-Doo cover, anchor bag, fire extinguisher, two Sea-Doo dock lines, Sea-Doo trailer straps (which suck BTW), etc. I was at a little over $14K out the door.

    Thinking about selling... maybe not... who knows... I love the ski, but we'll have to see how well my body holds up through the next few months.

    -=Mike G.
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    10.5k is about what i seen them going for. in about 3 weeks they may drop even more... depending on what seadoo announces with the 2009 models.

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    see i thought my family got a horrible deal when i hear people getting 10-12K but once registration and prep and taxes and all that is out of the way ppl are paying 13-13,500 w/o trailers... some are getttin high 12s but this is MONTHS after they came out.

    we got ours first week of january (well we didnt ride it bcause of weather but we could have) and we payed like low to mid 13's i believe... so really unless you are getting like 12k or less OTD now (maybe <12,500), then its not that great of a deal

    IMO... bcuz ive had half a yr of fun on mine and others are just gettin theirs for the same price and more! Then some get it for less but not that much, correct me if im wrong but i havent seen under 12k OTD yet

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    most deals now, i think you can expect 12.5 to 13.5k for one OTD... 13-14 with trailer

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